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While we often trust our elderly, sick and disabled to medical professionals in nursing home settings, the level care regularly falls short of what it should be, which can result in serious injuries.  Common injuries sustained in nursing homes result from falls (despite being a known “fall-risk”), development of pressure ulcers or “bed-sores” (despite being a known risk for such conditions), injuries sustained during “transfers” from bed to chairs and vice versa (despite having known physical limitations), malnutrition, unsafe equipment, along with general medical malpractice and unsanitary conditions.  Intentional neglect and acts of aggression towards nursing home patients also account for injuries sustained in nursing homes.

If your family member is in a nursing home, the following is a list of warning signs regarding nursing home neglect to pay careful attention for:

  • injuries from falls
  • pressure ulcers / “bed-sores”
  • sudden weight loss and malnutrition
  • unusual changes in behavior, mood and/or appearance
  • unusual interactions with nursing home staff and residents
  • dangerous conditions on the property (such as poor lighting, slipping hazards and tripping hazards)

If you, a loved one or a member of your community has been injured in a nursing home setting, please do not hesitate to call FARELLA MASCOLO PLLC at 212-287-1277 for a free consultation. 

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